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AUGUST / 2021

For a client in Amsterdam (Netherlands) we designed a fully new interior for a 600m2 villa. The villa has a main entrance that leads to the living area with stairs to the 1st floor. The ground floor has a master bedroom, living area, kitchen and a garden with a luxury pool.

The 1st floor has a 60m2 hotel-style suite, lounge/chill area with bar and cinema and 3 extra bedrooms. 

Our design for this particular project consist of major constructive adaptations to the inner and outer structure of the building. We removed several walls to create more visual contact in the living areas and bedrooms.  

The materials used are mainly natural stones, wood and glass. We tried to achieve a harmonious blend between rough and delicate materials. All furniture and interior elements are custom made to fit the new interior, such as bookshelves, walk-in closets, tables, sofa's, side tables and many more.

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