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You will find Frozen cryo in the city

center of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

A gorgeous facade and entrance mark the spot of the clinic.

FROZEN CRYO is a cry therapy center located in the city center of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Cryo therapy is the new trend of healing your body using extreme low temperatures. The cryo cabin is big enough to fit 4 people and cools down until -110 degrees Celsius.

The space we designed is about 280 m2 of total surface. The clinic has a main entrance with a lobby and a register. From there the client can go two ways; to the cryo cabin, or to a room for vitamin-drips. 

There is a central lounge with a fireplace, 4 toilets and 8 dressing rooms.


The floor is made of grey-smoked herringbone ceramics. The walls are covered with Carrera marble and emperor marble in different angles to project indirect light. Narrow corridors are coverend in bronze mirrors to give a more spacious feeling. De vitamine room has an 8 meters backlit onyx wall to enlighten the room in combination with magnetic rail spots. 


Puro Arte interiors also made the logo for Frozen and the signage for outside and inside. The signage is front and backlit and has a polished brass casing. The classic-modern furniture is also provided by Puro Arte  interiors. 

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